Residents of the Grand Meridia Can Decorate Their Apartment Without Breaking the Bank

Some decorating tips for the budget-conscious

One of the first things a person wants to do when moving into a new apartment is to decorate. There is something instinctive about an individual wanting to make their home an expression of their personal style. The sad reality is that fully decorating an apartment can be quite expensive, but such does not have to be the case. Fortunately for those living at the Grand Meridia in Rahway, New Jersey, there are a number of helpful tips on decorating with a budget.

Rahway is a popular destination for many people. The city of 29,451 individuals is a short commute from New York City, which makes the city a desirable bedroom community for those seeking relief from NYC prices. (1) However, those choosing to live at the luxurious Grand Meridia are often concerned about the cost of properly decorating their new home. The reality is that the average cost to decorate an apartment in the United States is a staggering $8,176. (2) The least expensive room to decorate is the bathroom as the furnishings are already in place. The bedroom is the most expensive at $3,586. Such numbers are enough to give any prospective apartment hunter pause, but there are ways to properly decorate a home on a budget.

One way to decorate on a financially-conscious budget is to buy things at an auction. Rahway Auction hosts a weekly auction every Saturday at 6 pm. (3) Auctions are a great place to buy furniture, art, and other items at a reduced price. Another benefit to an auction is that one can normally inspect the goods beforehand and verify their quality. Another tremendous way to save money while decorating is to reupholster one’s furniture instead of buying new pieces. There are three upholstery shops within a few miles of the Grand Meridia: Steve Upholstery, the Chair Doctor, and Fabric Warehouse. Some new upholstery can make an old piece of furniture look and feel entirely fresh and new.

One way that those living at the Grand Meridia decorate on a budget is to look for deals at local art and craft shows. Every few months sees such a show taking place somewhere in Union County. A couple of upcoming fairs include the Craft Springfest in Clark on May 5th and the Fanwood Vintage Marketplace on May 19th. (4) Another option for decorating bargains is to check out the local flea market. Avenel Flea Market operates every weekend, beginning at 6 am.

Hadi Abreu of the Grand Meridia says, “There are a lot of options open to those looking to decorate their apartment on a budget. For starters, you don’t have to worry about springing for exercise equipment as the apartment complex features a free gym. One way to save money on decorating is to go where the bargains can be found. This means hitting up the flea market as well as checking on yard sales. People have lived in Rahway since 1664, so quite a few families have a lot of excess housewares they may be looking to get rid of. Check out estate sales and visit the local thrift shops. We have a number of top-notch shops located nearby, such as Inspirations, The Jumble Store, and Thriftique Warehouse. Don’t forget to check out Goodwill as you can find some bargains while also helping out a worthy cause. A useful tip someone suggested to me is to repurpose items. I have a friend that took old peach crates and stacked them to make a bookshelf, which looks fantastic in all its rustic glory. If you’re good with your hands, you can embellish curtains, bedding, and furniture to transform something ordinary into something that looks like a million bucks. Needless to say, I also recommend checking online sites like Etsy to look for artwork and other crafts that are both pleasing to the eye and to one’s wallet. All in all, there are a lot of venues one can visit to find quality items for the home that won’t kill your bank account.” (5)






5) Quote from Hadi Abreu of the Grand Meridia