Rainy Day Activities Abound Near the Grand Meridia

April showers don’t necessarily lead to frowns for residents of the luxury apartment complex

The full joy of spring really comes into play during April. The weather is warmer, trees are green again, and one can walk around outside comfortably in shorts. However, spring also means rain, which can quickly kill a planned outing at a local park. Such rain is not a bad thing as the old saying notes, “April showers bring May flowers.” The residents of the Grand Meridia in Rahway, New Jersey, have no need to fret about having fun when the rain starts falling as there are lots of indoor activities located nearby that can be enjoyed.

The 30,131 people living in Rahway, New Jersey, definitely look forward to spring. (1) April features an extremely comfortable average high of 62°F. (2) Normally, locals flock to the more than ten parks that are found around the city, but rain often puts an end to even the best-laid plans. Fortunately, there are lots of indoor options for both the young and old to have some fun.

Probably the most common source of indoor entertainment for those living at the Grand Meridia is the Union County Performing Arts Center (UCPAC). A number of plays, concerts, movies, and workshops can be enjoyed at the UCPAC during the month of April. Rock legend Eddie Money takes the stage with Starship on April 13th. A collection of classic recording artists sing their greatest hits on April 12th as part of Nader-Mara’s Juke Box Legends concert. Two plays are running in April: Spike Heels, a provocative comedy-drama, and Her Dream/His Nightmare, a romantic comedy. Kids between the ages of 5 and 16 will perform a 30-minute version of Annie on April 20th after a fun-filled one-week workshop. (3)

The Rahway Public Library offers a safe refuge from any storm. The library hosts a number of events, with quite a few geared towards children. Every Wednesday features Toddler Time, a literacy readiness program where children 4 and under talk, read, write, sing, and play. Kids between the ages of 8 and 12 will get a kick out of the Graphic Novel Book Club. The meeting on April 17th features a look at “Amulet #1: The Stonekeeper.” Teens and adults can hone their crafting skills with the Crochet Club, which meets on April 18th, or learn the art of Ukrainian egg decorating, called Pysanky, on April 3rd. (4)

Parents living at the Grand Meridia looking for places for their children to blow off steam have a number of options available to them. Funzy Play is a shoe-free (patrons must wear socks) facility that is designed for children 6 and younger. There is an interactive ball pit, a child-friendly jungle climb, a dramatic play room, and even fun classes in art, dancing, and music. Another popular destination is the Launch Trampoline Park. This facility features trampoline courts that allow one to really grab some air, and there are various sports combined with trampoline action that visitors can enjoy. There is also a laser tag arena, arcade, and a Ninja Course setup just like that seen on the famous TV show.

Hadi Abreu of the Grand Meridia says, “Seeing rain coming down doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in your apartment. There are plenty of options nearby where you can have fun and stay dry. Probably the most unique option is Rahway Kitty Hall, which is a cat cafe. You can eat, drink, read, or surf the web while having an adorable cat resting on your lap or batting at your shoulder. All of the cats are available for adoption, so you can spend some time with a feline to see how well you bond before adopting. Rahway Kitty Hall is incredibly relaxing after a long day of stress. There are a number of play centers where you can let your kids run wild and burn off that excess energy. Some of the best local places include Funzy Play, Jumping Jungle, and the Launch Trampoline Park. I enjoy the pizza at the Launch Trampoline Park, but I don’t burn off those calories on the trampolines. I leave that for the younger generation as I hit up the arcade instead. Our local library offers a tremendous amount of programs for young children, and the Union County Performing Arts Center offers a plethora of entertainment, from plays to movies to concerts. If the sun isn’t shining, there’s still always something to do in Rahway.” (5)


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