A July Day in Rahway

Although it continues to be a difficulty for many people to adjust to the changes the pandemic has caused, the reopening of many industries brings forth a deviation from what has been felt as the “new normal” of staying home; working from home and joining Zoom meetings whether it is for work or to catch up with friends and family. With COVID-19 restrictions still in place and the “stay-at-home” order being lifted in NJ, parks, boardwalks, beaches and downtown areas have seen a large wave of attendance during the “Stage 2” of the coronavirus recovery plan (1).

Public attendance has also peaked due to the nationwide protests. The City of Rahway showed its support for the cause on the weekend of June 6th by allowing protestors hold a peaceful protest (2) which included the Mayor of Rahway, Raymond A. Giacobbe. The City of Rahway also held a ceremony “commemorating the end of slavery” in the US by raising a flag on Friday, June 19th (3). All events adhering to the COVID-19 regulations while honoring the lives of a rough period in history and aiding in creating overdue change.

With small businesses in need of local support, the City of Rahway is happy to have businesses reopen as of June 15th where restaurants are allowed to provide outdoor service only and take-out or delivery are still available. Retail stores have also begun to reopen with capacity limitations and imperative cleaning protocols set in place for customers to attend. The same regulations are required for personal-care businesses with very strict instructions on PPE and COVID-19 standard procedures.

Residents at Grand Meridia may enjoy an evening dining out in any of the new seven outdoor seating locations that have been created for the public (4). These outdoor shared spaces are located in the: Train Station, Paseo, Cherry Street Park, Arts Park, a portion of Lewis Street, Bridge Street walkway, and Monroe to Irving Street (4). (Please see flyer below.)

Individuals must bring their own PPE and disinfectant products to clean tables and chairs prior to any use and are required at all times to practice social distancing and wear masks in public. In these open shared locations, alcohol consumption is allowed Thursday – Saturday from 5:00 PM to 12:00AM and Sundays from 3:00PM to 9:00PM (4). Additionally, the City of Rahway is now providing free Wifi available throughout the downtown area (4)! With this, residents of the City of Rahway and Grand Merida alike may enjoy working from their devices outside during the week while having lunch or getting some sun!

For families looking to do something different during the evening, the City of Rahway has debuted “Drive-In Movie Nights” every Thursdays starting June 18th at Hamilton Stage Parking Lot (5). Registration is required, and cars must arrive prior to 8:00 PM. Drive-in movies that will take place in July are “The Secret Life of Pets 2”- July 2nd and “Little Mermaid”- July 9th. For more information regarding drive-in movies, please visit: https://www.cityofrahway.org/departments/parks-and-recreation/

A Word to Our Residents at Grand Meridia

During these difficult times, giving back to the community is exceptionally important and greatly appreciated by those in need. The City of Rahway is helping its community by holding a food drive. Bins are located in a few segments of the city: RWJ Rahway front lobby, Rahway Recreation Center, and the Rahway Senior Center (6). Please refer to the image below for more information regarding needed items.

On a different note, we urge residents of Grand Meridia to take a few minutes to complete their census which is still available at:  https://2020census.gov/?cid=20003:census%202020:sem.ga:p:dm:en:&utm_source=sem.ga&utm_medium=p&utm_campaign=dm:en&utm_content=20003&utm_term=census%202020#

Although most counties in NJ will not celebrate 4th of July through a display of fireworks, NJ has legalized the purchase of ground-based fireworks (7). We ask all residents to celebrate safely and check out the following website for guidelines on fireworks safety: https://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/News/Consumer%20Briefs/fireworks.pdf

Again, a special tribute to all the healthcare and frontline workers who continue to work extra hard and extra-long shifts to ensure the health and comfort of all others, and a kind thank you to residents at the Grand Meridia that are inspiring a promising future full of health and wellness!


Happy Independence Day at all!


-The Team at Grand Meridia