Exciting New Dining Experiences: Rahway and NYC

After the haste of the holidays passing by, many meet the new year with a sense of winding down and getting back to a regular routine, although, much of what has been considered a regular routine has been shuffled by COVID-19. With COVID-19 still being a presiding threat to all, especially those with underlying medical conditions, many families seek out way to enjoy the new years with no heightened risk and taking the best of the winter season. However one does decide to spend the early days of 2021, much caution is necessary as COVID numbers rise each day in the new year.

Rahway’s Restaurant Week and Soup Stroll

Throughout the month of January, Rahway’s residents may enjoy knowing that take-out from neighboring restaurants is still in full effect and are more than welcomed to discover new specialties like Monchy’s Restaurant, Mi Casa Latin Bistro, and Wheelie Good Piegori. While restaurants are still holding dine-in options at limited capacity, many may be interested in using apps like UberEats, or Dash Door to order local food and enjoy a day off from cooking.

Additionally, Rahway has recently assigned specific parking spaces in the downtown area for 15-minute “Curbside Pick-Up” at no cost (1). Residents can feel free to park, whether it is to drop off pets at grooming service or pick up a treat from Melao Café and Creamy where they make the best hand-rolled ice cream with natural fruits and topping in the area!














During this chilly month, Rahway residents can find fresh soup to warm up during Saturdays from 1:00 – 5:00 PM throughout January! Nineteen participating restaurants are providing free soup samples additionally, residents can participate in a drawing to win a $25.00 gift certificate to 30 of Rahway’s restaurants. To enter the drawing, “visitors take selfies at each restaurant and submit 15 or more to RahwayisHappening@gmail.com with subject line “SOUP STROLL 2021”” (2). This event is a on a first-come, first-serve basis and is an excellent way to try different foods in the area. For details on how to participate and get free soup, please visit: https://www.rahwaytaste.com/soup-stroll.html

During the week of January 18th-22nd, Rahway is also hosting Rahway Restaurant Week where special offers such as $100, $75, or $50 gift certificates will be distributed among diners who take a creative photo of the food and tag Rahway’s Art and Business Partnership Page or @RahwayisHappening on Instagram (3). Participants can dine in or order take-out. Not all of Rahway’s restaurants are offering freebies such as The Coffee Box where customers can get a free dessert with lunch or a free cappuccino with lunch or dinner at Il Forno a Legna during Rahway Restaurant Week (3). All winners will be announced on January 29th (3) and for more details, please visit: https://www.rahwaytaste.com/restaurant-week-2021.html

Convenient Heated Outdoor Dining in NYC

For any Grand Meridia resident trying to take a day off and enjoy an evening in NYC’s best outdoor heated dining, it may be exciting to know that some of NYC’s restaurants have modified the dining experience. The following locations are open and taking reservations or may be on a first-come, first-serve basis. These following locations may be a great option to keep in mind for Valentine’s Day!