Some Container Gardening Tips for Those Living at the Grand Meridia

Warm weather and rain are perfect for making a container garden bloom

Spring ushers in a breathe of fresh air into the year, and April continues that trend by increasing the amount of rain to help facilitate the growth of flowers and greenery. Some people look to the middle of spring as the perfect time to go camping, fishing, or horseback riding, but others prefer to spend their time working in a garden. A great deal of satisfaction can be achieved by ensuring that plants grow and reach their potential. Gardening continues to gain in popularity. The 2016 National Gardening Survey found that 6 million new Americans had taken up gardening. Even more interesting is that an overwhelming majority of that amount (5 million) were Millennials. (1) Another trend is the popularity of container gardening, which is when someone grows plants in a pot instead of the ground. A number of those living at the Grand Meridia in Rahway, New Jersey, have taken up the hobby of container gardening.

Spring is in full effect in April, a circumstance that is enjoyed by the 29,880 people who live in Rahway, New Jersey, especially those who have a green thumb. (2) The month boasts an average high temperature of 62º and an average rainfall of 3.8 inches. (3) For residents of the Grand Meridia who love to garden, container gardening is a great option as they lack an outdoor space to practice their craft.

There are a couple of container gardening options for those living at the Grand Meridia. The first is to use pots that can be placed next to windows in order to grow plants. Another option is the use of hanging baskets, which can be hung in front of a window to fully catch the sun’s rays. People can buy the supplies they need to start a container garden online or at a local business. Some of the local businesses that offer gardening items include Rising Up Garden Center, Bartell Farm & Garden Supply, Hartland Flower & Garden Supply, SiteOne Landscape Supply, and Country Mile Gardens. Using a local shop is always best as one can talk to knowledgeable people and learn some useful tips on how best to create a container garden.

Plastic and clay pots are good choices for an apartment. Plastic pots have increased in popularity due to their cheaper price and the fact they retain moisture about two times longer than their clay counterparts. (4) Of course, plastic pots will need to be replaced every few years as they will become brittle. The size and composition of the pot is usually determined by what is planted within it. There are some great ways to be inventive with using pots for indoor container gardening. One fun idea is to place the pots in a child’s red wagon, which can then easily be moved around. Another idea is a decorative box planter that is placed down the length of the dining room table or on a side table. An extremely environmentally-friendly option is a sack garden from the Woolly Pocket Gardening Company. (5) A sack garden uses a soft-sided planter bag as the pot and is made from recycled water bottles.

A number of residents of the Grand Meridia choose to use hanging baskets in creating their own container garden. Many people use a hanging basket to grow food, and food gardening has increased in popularity. The time between 2009 and 2013 saw an increase of 17% in people engaging in food gardening in the United States, reaching a total of 42 million Americans. (6) Some food items that can be grown in a hanging basket include lettuce, strawberries, string beans, cherry tomatoes, and peas. Herbs are a popular choice, especially for hanging baskets located in the kitchen. Some popular herb choices for a container garden include mint, thyme, basil, chives, sage, rosemary, and parsley.

Hadi Abreu of the Grand Meridia says, “The beauty of a container garden is that they can be done indoors as well as outdoors. A number of our residents are passionate about their gardening efforts, and a friend of mine has caught the bug too. He grows some food and a good deal of herbs in hanging baskets. He says picking items directly from the garden gives his culinary dishes that extra something. I have to agree that his food tastes wonderful, although he does get mad at me when he catches me picking some of his cherry tomatoes and popping them in my mouth. I’ve also seen some great creativity when it comes to container gardening. One resident uses old toy Tonka trucks to hold smaller pots. Overall, I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at container gardening, but I have a definite non-green thumb as I just seem to kill plants.” (7)








7) Quote from Hadi Abreu of the Grand Meridia