Ghoulish Halloween Delights Abound Near the Grand Meridia

Three great attractions make residents of the luxury apartment complex fall in love with being scared

October is a special month of the year. The leaves begin changing color as a cooler bite finds its way into the nighttime air. The best thing about October is Halloween, the massively popular holiday that celebrates those things that go bump in the night. Americans love Halloween, spending $9 billion on the holiday in 2018, which breaks down to an average of $86.79 per person. (1) Naturally, those living at the Grand Meridia in Rahway, New Jersey, love Halloween, and they don’t have to travel far at all to enjoy some spine-tingling thrills.

The 29,880 inhabitants of Rahway, New Jersey, love to celebrate Halloween with themed parties, creepy decorations, and carving pumpkins. (2) Residents of the Grand Meridia only have to travel a few blocks to enjoy a song-filled night that celebrates the creepiest of seasons. The Union County Performing Arts Center hosts Broadway Fright Night on October 4th at 8pm. (3) This musical event features songs from musicals with horror, supernatural, and sci-fi themes. Hosted by New York Casting Director Stephen DeAngelis, the event features five of New York’s finest vocalists performing songs from Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeney Todd, Wicked, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, The Phantom of the Opera, Young Frankenstein, and Jekyll and Hyde. In addition, Hocus Pocus, the classic Halloween film, will be shown on October 25th.

A must-see attraction for those living at the Grand Meridia is Brighton Asylum in Passaic, New Jersey. This landmark of Halloween horror has been featured on The Today Show and numerous other media outlets. The legend of Brighton Asylum is that it was shut down in 1952 due to intolerable living conditions and the fact that a number of patients and staff had gone missing. The asylum is now open for business and features a slew of dark attractions: Brighton Asylum, Port9l, The Bleeding Grounds, Black Out, Slasher Thursdays, The Twitching Hour, The Hack Shack, Fear Pressure, and Fracture VR. Slasher Thursdays begin on October 10th and feature visitors coming face-to-face with iconic horror icons like Jason, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, IT, and Captain Spaulding. (4) The Today Show called Brighton Asylum “the scariest place on Earth.” It is recommended that children be at least 10 years old to enter the attraction. Brighton Asylum also features a number of escape room scenarios. The different escape rooms that groups of people can undertake to complete are 1408 Escape, The Tomb, Bomb Squad, and The Device, with the latter two scenarios being a high stress escape challenge that takes place in a mere five minutes.

A great Halloween attraction that’s perfect for families living at the Grand Meridia is Boo at the Boardwalk, located at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Boo at the Boardwalk takes place from noon to 4pm on October 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th. (5) This family-friendly event features a beach maze, games, trick-or-treating, underwater pumpkin carving, crafts, a pumpkin patch, and a number of kiddie rides. October 26th sees the annual Perky’s Pumpkin Derby taking place where families can enter a wheeled racer that features a real pumpkin, with each child allowed an entry. The annual Howl-O-Ween Dog Costume Contest takes place on October 19th with categories for best dog/owner combo, most creative, and funniest.

Hadi Abreu of the Grand Meridia says, “Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s a fantastic holiday that essentially lasts an entire month. From costume parties to horror movie marathons, Halloween is a ghoulish delight for all ages. Those of us who live at the Grand Meridia are fortunate that there are a lot of great Halloween attractions that lie within a short commute. Of course, nothing is closer than the Union County Performing Arts Center which hosts a great concert of songs appropriate for the season. A popular choice for families is Boo at the Boardwalk, which features a plethora of fun things to do for children. My friends and I love to go to Brighton Asylum every year, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart. It seems that each facet of the attraction is scarier than the last. I have to point out that our local government is holding a great event for those with disabilities or special needs. The Halloween Monster Mash happens on October 25th and is being put on by the Union County Office for Persons with Disabilities & Special Needs. This fun-filled event features a DJ, dancing, costume contest, a haunted house, and lots of tasty food. Overall, there is no excuse for not getting your quota of chills this Halloween as there are plenty of events to choose from.” (6)







6) Quote from Hadi Abreu of the Grand Meridia